Permacultuur studiegroep

Agroforest outdoor study group

(Every Thursday of April from 17h – 18:30h @ Annas)

Content: What is a food forest and some principles of how to design one.
Support material (suggestion):What is a food forestLife in Syntropy, Syntropic farm thinkingKiemgracht 64, Wouter van Eck: Basic Food Forest Principles, perenial potatos
Activity: To design and expand a new pact of Annas food forest
Next meeting: Creating a map and bringing extra nutrients to the area.


Winter Studygroup 2018

1. Permaculture design method & mapping
Content: method, pattering, reading the landscape, zoning
Support material (suggestion): Anna´s design + Designers manual chap.3  + overviewI + overview II
Activity: Identifying and mapping Anna’s zones and sector
Responsible: Marleene

2. Free Masterclass with Daniel Halsey
Content: Daniel Halsey, an internationally renowned designer of ecosystem restoring landscapes, both large and small, will come to Wageningen.
EXTRA Support material (suggestion): Zaituna farm tour, Regenerative agriculture lecture, introduction to permaculture “du Bec Hellouim”
Activity: Field trip to Wageningen to watch the lecture.

3. Making compost
Content: compost piles, humanure, wormfarms, chop and drop
Support material (suggestion): worm tower, berkley method, compost tea, why organic?, indigenous microorganisms
Activity: Nutrient cycles pitchMini-pitches and Q&A about the multiple techniques
Responsible: João

3. Gardening methods
Content: Briethly present different methods of gardening and evaluation of Anna’s gardens
Support material (suggestion): instant garden, no-dig, tools, Ruth Stout garden, No-dig Charles Dowding, opensource agri-libraryx, nice market gardens to check
Activity: Choosing a garden method according to context and creating a poster to present it
Responsible: João

4. Planning Anna’s garden I –  companions, inter-crops & succession
Content: How plants interact together and how we can use such interactions to improve our garden
Support material (suggestion): carrots+onion+radishes, carrots+tomatoes
Activity: to be decided

5. Planning Anna’s garden II-Glass house
Content:Why to have a glass house and how to build one
Support material (suggestion): Intro Geodesic pptwinter crops for non heat glass house
Activity: Geodesic model 
Responsible: Giada

6. Planning Anna’s garden III – 2019’s spreadsheet
Content: How to plan the garden through out out the seasons
Support material (suggestion):crop planning lecture, planting chart, spacing info, model 2 complete, Exemple
Activity:Creat your own garden spreadsheet
Responsible: João

7. Food forest
Content: What is a food forest and some principles of how to design one. Improve Anna’s food forest design.
Support material (suggestion): Kiemgracht 64, Wouter van Eck: Basic Food Forest Principles, perenial potatos
Activity: to be decided